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Casinos pop up like mushrooms on a damp winter day. Every self-respecting city has a casino or even several. At we take you on a journey through Europe. Many new casino sites for Europe are launched every month. We keep a close watch on new exciting casinos that focus on European players. One of the charms of a new online casino is the better casino bonus deals and offers you get. We look at the new games and type of games (where we will propose many demo games and casinos where you can play them) and our view on casinos.

In fact, there are no specific EU rules for online gambling services. Yet more and more EU citizens are trying their luck in gambling outside the EU. This puts them at risk of falling victim to fraud. We stick to casinos that are controlled and yet comply with any laws.

Several EU countries have amended their legislation to take into account new forms of gambling, such as gambling via the Internet and mobile phones. But even now, there are still major differences between the laws in the different EU countries. Moreover – and more importantly – EU countries cannot protect their citizens enough with national laws alone. The digital environment and online gambling often cross national borders.

The gambling industry is big in this continent and also seems to be growing and professionalizing. In Western Europe there are 20 countries with casinos. Countries where gambling generates a large source of income are: Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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Casino & Sport Eu licenses

Where (online) gambling is regulated, providers must have the correct permits and licenses. In most countries, providers must apply for a license. For example, in Malta you have to meet specific requirements to get a permit. Licenses are limited in Belgium and Greece and in countries such as Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland only one party is allowed to provide games of chance, and this is a government owned company.

France stands out with the largest number of casinos and is also the country with the largest casino in Europe: Le Café de Paris in Monte Carlo.

Where France is famous for its many casinos, Germany has thousands of arcades. These arcades are spacious, contain only 12 slot machines per license and must adhere to different rules than normal casinos.

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Belgium Casino & Sport

Place2bet only discusses the Belgian legal online casino and Belgian online arcade websites approved by the Belgian Gaming Commission.

This ensures that your winnings are paid out correctly.

Which online gambling sites do we find in Belgium? What are the differences between A + casino games and B + arcade games? Here at Place2bet you will definitely find an answer to your question.

Germany Casino & Sport

Germany has thousands of arcades

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France Casino & Sport

France is famous for its many casinos. However online we will only show bookmakers since casinos are not regulated online. Bookmakers are – These will be on this page soon

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Italy Casino & Sport

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Malta Casino & Sport

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Europe’s online gambling market is mature and highly regularized. As per European Gaming and Betting Association’s (EGBA) data, it grew by 11% during 2017-2018, and is growing faster than land-based gambling. Technological changes and changing player preferences have meant that the iGaming boom in Euope is here to stay.

The Gross Gaming Revenue of the EU online betting sector is predicted to rise from €22.2 billion in 2018 to €29.3 billion by 2022. In 2018, the European Union’s share in the global online gambling market was a huge 49.2%. As more and more European countries get dedicated regulations for online gambling activities, this share is expected to increase in future.

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